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Our services include: mowing, weed treatment and fertilization, landscaping, mulching, leaf removal and bush hogging for commercial and residential properties.

Commercial & Residential Mowing

We offer bagging as an additional service, and as always, you can count on nothing less than a professional look. Prices vary depending on the size of the property, amount of edging, etc.

Weed Treatment & Fertilization

You can count on our weed control and fertilization program to provide your lawn with the healthiest turf. We offer 6 rounds in our weed control and fertilization program, additional applications offered include Lime,Grub Control, Core Aeration, Overseeding, etc.

Weed Control & Fertilization Program (6 Rounds)
Round 1-Pre-emergent and Broad-leaf weed control (January-February)
Round 2-Pre-emergent and Crabgrass Weed Control. (March-June)
Round 3 Summer Fertilizer and Weed Control (June-August)
Round 4-Summer Fertilizer and Weed Control (August-September)
Round 5-Pre-emergent and Broad-leaf Weed Control (October-November)
Round 6-Pre-emergent and Weed Control (November-December)

How our program works:┬áContrary to popular belief, pre-emergent weed control doesn’t destroy weeds and their seeds; they simply stop them from growing. There are two application dates for the best results in preventing summer annuals (crabgrass, clover, Etc.) March 15 and winter annuals (Henbit, Poa, Etc.) September 15. A lawn that has a thick healthy turf acts as a natural weed barrier for most weeds. Fertilizer is used to supply your lawns soil with nutrients that your turf needs to be thick and healthy.

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Mulching conserves water, prevents weeds, and feeds the soil. Mulching also helps to keep the temperature of the soil moderate. Call us for a free quote on your mulching job today!

Leaf removal is available during the fall and spring months.

We have the skill and equipment to meet all your brush hogging needs.